Lynwood Senior High School was first established in 1974, not on its current site but in eight demountable classrooms in the grounds of Cannington Senior High School. The first Lynwood High Principal at this site was Mr. Bill Goulding with two Deputy Principals, Mrs. Meredith Crossing, and Mr. Peter Clark.

Many of the students at this time came as migrants from the United Kingdom with their families. Today the school is a multicultural blend with student from various Asian countries, the Middle East and most recently African migrants.

In January 1975 the school opened its doors to Years 8 and 9 at the Metcalfe Road location where it is today. The school motto ‘Sincerity’ has been part of the school from these early times and the school crest which incorporates the image of a ‘Swan’ was the inspiration of Mr. Goulding the first Principal.

The original school uniform colour was mauve, fashionable in the 1970s, but in the 1980s the colours changed to the blue and yellow that the students wear today.

With the small number of students in those early years most teachers and students knew each other well. There were often hockey and cricket competitions between students and teachers in which the rivalry was quite intense, with neither side wishing to suffer defeat. As the school has grown in numbers that closeness has not been quite as easy to maintain but growth has brought the advantages of improved facilities such as computers, design and technology equipment and a variety of sporting facilities such as the swimming pool. The school today caters for a wide diversity of interests and courses, reflecting the changes in its clientele.

Academically Lynwood Senior School has produced some excellent results with a Beazley Medal winner, S. Gill in 1986. With the changing nature of education the school has adapted to cater for all students and aspects of their education, whether their orientation is academic or trade/TAFE related.

In September 1988 a Time Capsule was constructed by the Design and Technology teacher Mr. Frank Murphy and his Vocational Education students to store records of students’ work, music and photographs for future students to look back on. The capsule, which is buried in front of the canteen, will be opened in September 2038.  It will be of great interest to contrast the Lynwood High School of that year to its ancestor of fifty years before.