At Lynwood Senior High School, student attendance and safety are both high priorities. We know that students who regularly attend are more likely to be successful and be safe at school.

Part of our attendance procedure is to inform parents and care givers about unexplained absences and lateness. We are proud to bring parents the next generation in School-Parent Communications. Automatic, personalised SMS text messages are sent directly to and from parents’ mobile phones twice a day on school days.


Safety and security: Parents have the right to know that their student is safe. Parents can be surprised to hear that despite dropping off their student at school, they do not attend class. Our aim is to let parents know about this as soon as possible. SMS is the fastest, most reliable way of reaching parents discretely. Improved communication with parents: At times it is very difficult to reach parents. They are often at work, in meetings or travelling and simply cannot get to the phone. Email messages are often hard to receive unless parents have continuous access to a computer. Important voice messages left at home or at work can be lost, erased or overheard by other people. The SMS is reliable. Regular attendance is essentially the key factor in success at school. If students are not attending, or are arriving late, they are not participating in the learning process. Messaging will inform parent daily, whether their student is at risk. Parents are able to SMS early in the mornings with messages about absences or lateness. After the school’s automatic SMS at the end of period 1, parents can text message back immediately with acknowledgement and reasons for absences or lateness.


Parents are automatically and daily informed by parent mobile phone text message if their student is absent or late from period 1 roll call. The message will state the student’s name, date and a request for parents to confirm the absence with a reason via a reply text message. If a student is absent or late and a reason has been provided in advance, parents do not receive a text message. The school does request parents to contact the school early if they know their student is going to be absent or late to school. The SMS is sufficient legal notification to the school.


Keep their mobile phone details with the school up to date. We ask parents to notify the school personally with changes to current mobile phones. Notify the school in advance if students are to be late or absent. Respond to messages from the school. This can be by return SMS or by phone. If parents are concerned that the school data is incorrect, a phone message can sort things out. Sometimes parents will ring to say “I dropped – at school this morning, “ only to find that student has not turned up to class.


The school still contacts parents who do not have a mobile phone. This is, of course, not as immediate as an SMS as it is not a daily contact. Parents are still asked to advise the school in advance about absences and a note is still required to explain all absences and lateness.

We ask parents to please contact the school if they purchase a mobile phone so that they too, can be part of the SMS system.

SMS Number: 0428 249 989
Absentee Hot Line: 9354 1886