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Lynwood Senior High School aims to develop in young people a sense of respect for themselves and others, personal and community responsibility and the ability to work within a set of clearly articulated rules.  We encourage students to make positive choices to avoid negative consequences.  We aim to monitor this through a system of Good Standing.  All students will start each year with “Good Standing”. Students maintain their Good Standing by meeting the school’s expectations in terms of satisfactory work standards, behaviour, attendance and dress.  Students can achieve ‘Advanced’ Standing by consistently meeting the school’s expectations and striving for excellent work, behaviour, attendance and dress standards. Students are rewarded for contributing ‘extra’ to the school community by being leaders, participating in sporting teams, community service, etc. Students can earn positive Good Standing points as follows:

Positive Contributions Points gain
Letters of Commendation & Awards for excellent achievement (eg >80%) 2 points each
Certificates of Recognition for ‘extra’ contributions to school community eg TAG representatives, Student Council, committee work, sporting teams, community service, debating team, etc Up to 5 points each
100% attendance each month (tracked in TAG) 1 point per month
100% explained absences each month (tracked in TAG) 1 point per month

What does Advanced Standing mean?
Students who don’t lose any Good Standing points during the year AND

  • Gain positive Good Standing points during the year by making positive contributions to the school community.
  • These students will be given ‘priority privilege’ for any special events/activities.
  • These students will receive a Certificate and Movie Voucher at their final assembly for the school year.

Students start each year with zero points and will lose points by reports of breaches of school expectations.  Please refer to the chart below for a summary of point’s loss:

Offence Points loss
Suspension/Internal suspension 10 points/5 points
Failure to complete assessment by due date 3 points
Truanting 3 points/occurrence
Personal Electronic Device offence

·         1st breach

·         2nd breach

·         3rd breach


1 point

4 points

8 points

Digital Citizenship Agreement offence

·                   Minor Offences – playing games in class

·                   Serious Offences – such as cyber bullying, pornography,

Network hacking etc, will be treated as a 3rd offence.  May

also result in suspension and police involvement.


1st offence – 3 points ‘Device’ confiscated for 1 day

2nd offence – 3 points ‘Device’ confiscated for 1 week

3rd offence – 3 points ‘Device’ confiscated permanently


Failing to comply with the school uniform policy 2 points each time
Unsatisfactory behaviour reports (excluding those related to incomplete or overdue assignments) 1 point/letter home
Late without a note from parent 1 point/lateness
Failure to provide an absentee note within 5 days of absence 1 point

What does loss of Good Standing mean?

In extreme cases the school can apply for exclusion from school, students will not be invited to any special events such as:

  • School camps (arrangements for alternative assessments may be necessary)
  • Incentive excursions
  • River cruises, Dinner dances, School ball
  • Year 12 farewell breakfast and final assembly
  • Special presentation evenings such as Soccer Presentation or Year 12 Presentation Evening
  • Students will not be able to represent the school in sporting, debating or other teams
  • Loss of MacBook
  • Loss of Year 11 or Year 12 Flexi privilege as part of the Essential Skills program.

Students are able to negotiate the restoration of their Good Standing with the appropriate Deputy or Head of Senior School or Head of Lower School.  This decision will be final and binding with no avenue for appeal.

Process for maintaining and/or regaining Good Standing:
The Good Standing list is emailed to All Staff each week indicating the Good Standing Level of each student (see table below).

  • Students are kept informed of their Good Standing Level via TAG each week.
  • If a student has moved into the Warning Zone, a letter will be sent home. Students need to be proactive at this stage to regain

any lost GS points in order to regain their positive Good Standing balance.

  • If a student has moved into the No Good Standing Zone a letter will be sent home. A case conference will be arranged to

develop a plan to regain Good Standing status over at least 5-6 weeks. The plan will:

  • Focus on why the points were lost and how to change student actions/behaviours for the future to prevent reoccurrence
  • Be emailed to all Staff for their information and support
  • Include the use of Daily Reports to monitor student progress during the contract period and receive daily feedback from teachers/parents
  • Be reviewed at the appointed date. Note: A student must have progressed back into the warning zone to be considered for participation in special events/excursions. They will not be eligible if they remain in the No Good Standing Zone at the 2 week cut off.
Good Standing Levels – Summary
Level Criteria Overview/Actions Who
Advanced – special privileges
(movie voucher)
Nil loss of GS points during year A student with Advanced Standing will be invited to access special incentives during the school year as arranged by the Year Coordinator. Year Coordinator
Certificates/ Awards
Letters of Commendation
100% explained absences each month This student will be awarded a Good Standing certificate and movie voucher at the final assembly of the year. Head of School
Maintain regular attendance all year
WACE or School Report on track
Good Standing -normal privileges
(Incentive Excursions)
Overall Good Standing balance is positive or zero. The student has lost some GS points during the year for minor issues. However, they have earnt positive GS points to counteract the points lost. A student with Good Standing can participate in normal School Events throughout the year.


They must have Good Standing status at least 2 weeks prior to the School Event to qualify. Note:  If a student loses their Good Standing within the 2 week period prior to an event and moves into the Warning Zone, they can still lose their right to participate in the school event. The student will need to be proactive in resolving their loss of Good Standing, but it will depend on the circumstances leading to the loss of Good Standing ie an unexplained absence -1 pt vs suspension -10 pts.

Head of School
A student with Good Standing will be invited to attend a incentive excursion at the end of each term. Year Coordinator
Warning zone
(no incentive excursions or school events unless making a genuine attempt to regain Good Standing status)
(10 consecutive positive days to move back into the Good Standing zone)
Warning zone. This student has a negative Good Standing balance. This student generally has multiple minor offences and may not be earning positive points through Letters of Commendation, Community Service, good behaviour, etc. Letter to parents sent Admin assistant
A student with a negative GS balance will need to regain the points they have lost by addressing the issues/ behaviours that have led to the loss of points. A Daily Report is the primary tool used to monitor this process. Note: If a student wants to participate in a school event or incentive excursion they will need to ensure they are submitting daily reports to the Head of School as required for consideration. The daily reports (and any other feedback received) must reflect improved behaviours and will be reviewed by the Head of School and Year Coordinator before participation in the event/excursion is approved. Year Coordinator


Head of School

No Good Standing – no privileges

(20 consecutive positive days to move back into the warning zone)
This student has a negative Good Standing balance. They have multiple offences where they have made little or no effort to resolve the points lost. Letter/s to parents sent & MacBook withdrawn – for Years 10, 11 & 12 students Admin assistant
Disruptive behaviour & withdrawn Phone call/s to parents to convene meeting/s at school. HoLA/Head of School/DP
Internal suspension
Suspension A student who has no Good Standing will need to regain their points as negotiated at their case conference. A plan will be developed to suit the situation i.e. Individual Behaviour Plan or Individual Attendance Plan. School support services/resources and outside agencies may be involved. Feedback will be given to teachers in writing as appropriate. Head of School/DP
Serious attendance issues without reasonable explanation. Head of School/DP
Continued offences (uniform, mobile phone/Ipod, meeting deadlines, computer) after school intervention/s. Head of School/DP

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