This policy is linked to the Digital Citizenship Agreement which all students must sign and agree to.

We support the responsible use of Personal Electronic Devices at Lynwood Senior High School including phones, iPods, headphones, ipads, etc

Responsible Use of Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s):

  • Devices must be ‘on silent’ at all times while at school or on school based activities unless being used as part of a lesson with the approval of the teacher.
  • Devices may be used responsibly before school, at Recess 1 and Recess 2 and after school (including after school activities such as Homework Club, sporting teams, etc) as per the Digital Citizenship Agreement.
  • Under no circumstances are mobile devices to be taken into examinations or tests.
  • Devices may be used responsibly as a tool for study skills ie diary, clock, timetable, notes, etc as per the Digital Citizenship Agreement.
  • Students are only permitted to use their headphones before school, at Recess 1 or 2 and after school, unless they have permission of the class teacher. They are not to be used walking between classes or once the siren has rung to signal the start of the school day or the end of a Recess break.

We accept that parents give their children mobile devices to enable them to be in contact. The school recognises that there are times when it is appropriate and useful for students to have access to a mobile device, for example to contact parents in emergencies outside school hours, to confirm or change arrangements made to pick up a child from music rehearsals, or sports practice outside school hours, or for security when travelling to and from school and/or part time work commitments.

Students will be able to use their mobile device responsibly before school and during Recess 1 and Recess 2. However, if they want to contact their parents during school hours to arrange an early departure if feeling sick, students must report to Student Services. Any mobile device use during class time will need the approval of their teacher as per the Digital Citizenship Agreement.

If a parent/guardian wants to contact their child in an emergency during class time, they must do this via Student Services. If a parent/guardian needs to communicate with their child via a mobile device during the school day, they must understand that their child will not be able to attend to a phone call/message during class time and should try to restrict any essential communications to student break times.

The increased ownership of mobile devices requires that school administrators, teachers, students and parents take steps to ensure that mobile devices are used responsibly because:

  1. Mobile devices are a distraction to students, a disruption to classes and the teaching process, and they also pose security problems. How they can be used responsibly is outlined in the Digital Citizenship Agreement.
  2. The school cannot accept any responsibility for theft, loss, damage or health effects (potential or actual) resulting from mobile device use. If a student has brought a mobile device to school they take responsibility for its security.
  3. Students cannot engage in any form of sexual harassment or cyberbullying. There could be legal ramifications.
  4. Occupational Safety and Health requirements must be complied with at all times.
  5. Mobile devices are not to be used to record, distribute, display or upload images or videos of students, staff or parents whilst on school premises or engaged in school activities without permission.
  6. Students must provide their device to teachers on request.

In order to carry mobile devices during school hours, all students must comply with the Student Personal Electronic Device Policy and the Digital Citizenship Agreement.  These policies/agreements apply during school time including excursions, camps and extra curricular activities unless otherwise specifically requested.

Inappropriate Conduct:

Strong sanctions will be applied to those who breach the conditions of this policy.  The sanctions may include but are not limited to:

  • If a student refuses to hand over their mobile device as requested, the LSHS Behaviour Management processes will be followed ie referred to HOLA/TIC.
  • Mobile device will be confiscated by a teacher, labelled with the student’s name and handed to Student Services (Years 7-10 Lower School Office, Years 11-12 Senior School office or IEC office). The device may be picked up at the end of the day.  Parents/carers may be notified that the device was inappropriately used during school time.  Students will lose Good Standing points as follows:
    – One (1) point for first offence,
    – Four (4) points for second offence,
    – Eight (8) points for third offence and
    – Eight (8) points for each subsequent offence thereafter.
  • After a second offence, the student will also be required to hand their mobile device into Student Services or IEC office by 8:40 am each day for safe keeping for the next 5 days. They will be able to collect their device at the end of each day.
  • For a third offence the device will remain at school until collected by a parent/guardian.
  • On a fourth and subsequent occasion the student may be suspended from school at the discretion of the Principal.
  • A record of mobile device misuse will be kept on school records.
  • Any student found with a mobile device in exams or tests may be given a zero for that assessment item as per the LSHS Assessment Policy.
  • Cyber bullying and sexual harassment is against the law. Therefore, even actions outside of school may have legal ramifications.