Our aim is to educate students and establish a positive identity for our school and students in a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment.

All students are expected to be dressed in school uniform.   We are very proud of our students and the uniform they wear.  Because of this, the uniform is linked with the school’s Good Standing Policy.
Please view our uniform policy here.

Quality, school accepted uniforms are available from the Nell Gray School Uniform Shop which is now located at the address below.


Address: 3a/9 Yampi Way
Willetton WA 6155

Phone: 9270 4669

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Thursday: close at 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Uniform Concepts carries a wide variety of student day wear and sports wear for all students, plus an interesting number of uniform accessories.  The school has made every endeavour to keep the uniform prices competitive and the quality high, and has chosen Nell Gray Manufacturers to supply our needs.



Lower School Uniform


Upper School Uniform

Please refer to the order form from the Nell Gray Uniform Shop for a description of all the items of our school uniform.  If it is not on this list it is not part of our school uniform except for the items listed below:

• Shoes and footwear: Closed in shoes (especially for practical subjects), preferably black, joggers or sandals with backs (except in practical subjects)
• Socks: Predominantly white and plain
• Phys Ed or Special Sports Wear: Available in the same range in the uniform shop.  For health reasons, students are required to change out of their sport’s uniform for their classroom work after Phys Ed.
Students with Phys Ed in period 1 may wear their sports uniform to school but must change to the regular uniform at the end of the period
• Jewellery: Minimal ear piercing is allowed.  Jewellery may not be allowed in classes where safety is an issue
• Headwear: Caps are encouraged for sun protection outside the classroom and are available in the
uniform shop. No caps are to be worn inside the classroom
• Cultural: Alternatives to the uniform are allowed eg. Hiijab, Abaaya, as long as they are in approved school colours:  Please see the Year Coordinator
• Year 12’s have the privilege of wearing their designed “Leavers Jumper” for that year group.
• Years 10’s and 11’s have the privilege of wearing the school’s College Jacket, available from the uniform shop


Fitted Polo shirts
Hipster pants
Cuff shorts
Pleated skirt
Winter Jumper
School Track Pants

Cargo pants
Cargo shorts
Winter Jumper
Track Pants

Upper school – Light blue/Navy polo
Lower school – Navy/Light blue polo
Phys Ed – Polo Gold/Navy
Micromesh Phys Ed shorts
Microfibre track top
Zip front bomber jacket
Soccer Polo Navy/Gold

It is expected that every student will be in school uniform.  Therefore, if for some reason a student cannot wear their uniform, they may short-term borrow what they need from the school’s uniform bank situated in the library.

The procedure to borrow items from the uniform bank:

• Before school, students check in with the library and borrow the items that they need.  They leave their own clothing and Smart Card with the librarians, to be collected on return of the borrowed items
• After period 5, students return to the library and collect their own clothing and Smart Card after returning the borrowed item
• A student may negotiate a longer term loan based on need
• A student will be quietly asked to go to the library to borrow what they need, if in period 1, they are seen out of school uniform
• All items in the uniform bank are laundered through professional launderers after each wear

To ensure the safety of all students when they are away from the school property, it is school policy that only students’ in school uniform may attend excursions unless otherwise organised.  Students out of uniform on the day of the excursion will remain at school.