Lynwood Senior High School commenced operations in 1974 with a class of 95 Year 8 students. These were therefore our inaugural “Class of ’78” on their graduation.These students were the start of our ALUMNI.

As ‘alumni’ ‘refers to both graduates and former employees of an institution, we include both past students and teachers of LSHS and encourage all to join our ALUMNI to continue their tradition at the school.

We have no photo of our first graduands or their teachers but do have evidence of the”Class of 79″. Please note the purple uniform and two newly built, red brick buildings. But who are these people and where are they now?

The LSHS ALUMNI is now a growing group of ex students and teachers who look to:

* Collect archival material: photos, year books, newspaper articles, physical artifacts of LSHS
*Be a first call for reunions and contacts
*Collect information on ‘Where are they now”
*Provide up to date information about the school, its ethos, and its development
*Be part of the continuing expansion and change to the educational and social well being of the school
*Keep you notified about Alumni events and school news.


Jot this down on your calendar: 2014, Lynwood Senior High School will celebrate its 40th Birthday. Keep your eye on this site for further information about all the festivities and fun.


Please pop in and see us some time to appreciate the amazing changes and the sustainable environment being nurtured on campus. Give a us a ring so we can make you welcome and spend some time with you.


Please ring the school on 9354 0600 and ask for Marg Parlevliet or Giovanna Vuori or alternatively leave your contact details in the form below. (Full name, graduating year, email, mobile and address)


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