In Home Economics at Lynwood SHS we offer students opportunities to establish values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will empower them to make well informed decisions about their lifestyles and become independent young adults. We cover topics such as nutrition, food preparation, human relationships and development, childcare, resource management, textiles, craft and clothing. In an ever changing and challenging environment we are faced with issues such as food security, sustainability and the widening poverty gap. Home Economics helps prepare students to respond to these real life challenges.


Year 7/8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Fab Food International FoodGood Food Fast 

Craft Mania


Sewing For Teens

Food TemptationsCaf√© Food 

Body Shop


Glitzy Fashion

Children, Family and Community General Course (Caring For Others) Unit 1 & 2Food Science and Technology General Course Unit 1 & 2 + Community 11 In Community Services Children, Family and Community (Caring For Others) 1C/1DChildren, Family and Community (Living Independently) 1C/1D 

Food Science and Technology 1A/1B