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The Arts in Society in the 21st Century will affect each one of us more than in any other time in human history.  Our world and that of our young students is a world of images, music, dance and acting through the media of film, television and print.  It is therefore vital that students understand the language of the Arts that describe this world and more importantly become aware of how people use the Arts to communicate their messages.  The Arts Industry is one of the largest of our modern industries into which our students can enter.


Art and Design explore the world of design in our every day lives.  Good design is one of the most important aspects of the role we play as a consumer in modern day society.  Students will develop awareness of good design through creating, making and presenting products, using a variety of techniques such as Graphic Design, Illustration, Ceramics, & Textile Design.  They will also be encouraged to evaluate their own products and those of others.


In this course students will be introduced to the codes and conventions of Popular Culture that they are familiar with.  Students will learn how to produce a Media product using both conventional methods and the latest digital technology for Video Production, Magazines, Advertising, and Radio Productions.  They will also learn how stage, celebrities and hero’s are used with construction of media products.

INSTRUMENTAL  MUSIC                                                                                                          

Students who are currently learning an instrument (guitar, woodwind, percussion or brass) through the Department of Education in Year 7 will continue their lessons on their instruments with the visiting School of Instrumental Music (SIM) teacher.

Please note when completing the separate Subject Selection Sheet that it is a requirement by the Department of Education, that students who elect to study an instrument must also elect to study Classroom Music 8ClM.  For further queries please contact the music teacher on 93540600.

A select number of students, not currently learning an instrument, may also elect to learn an instrument offered in the school’s music program.  As places are limited, students must undergo a listening test and those most suitable to the program will be chosen to participate by the Music teacher and the visiting SIM teacher.

The lessons and rehearsals for this course are taken above the normal student workload.  Students taking this course will be withdrawn from other classes or receive instruction out-of-hours or a combination of both.

Instrumental Music students who are at a suitable standard of performance join the school’s Concert Band/s, subject to the Band Directors’ discretion.  Rehearsals are undertaken during out-of-school hours.  Students enrolled in this course are expected to attend and participate in all the musical activities organised, such as the annual Band Camp and various other performances and excursions.


These courses involve students exploring a variety of music from various cultures and historical periods.  Students will become familiar with the major elements of music and begin to learn how to manipulate these in order to create, perform and respond to their own music and the music of others.


This course provides the beginner and developing music student with an opportunity to enhance their musical skills through piano keyboard performance.  Music literacy, listening activities and ensemble work are covered through the media of performance.

(Maximum number of students in a class 12)