Workplace learning is a program that provides opportunities for students to develop skills in the workplace and obtain credit towards the WACE.  Students are placed in an appropriate work situation and are required to maintain a formal record of workplace learning.

Overall requirements for each Unit below

Students undertake training in a real workplace during which they are expected to:

  • Demonstrate attainment of at least 10 skills relevant to entry-level training from the Curriculum Council’s Employability Skills List
  • Demonstrate each skill on at least three (3) occasion
  • Meet workplace hours, logbook and evidence journal requirements
  • Complete all assessment tasks
  • Complete a minimum of 8 industry days in the workplace
  • Possess a work ethic so as to achieve a rating from the workplace supervisor on 12 Performance Criteria

Advantages of Workplace Learning

By participating in work placements and completing the compulsory part of training, the student has the opportunity to:

  • Learn, develop and apply knowledge and skills relevant to the workplace
  • Achieve skills that are recognised by certain industries
  • Achieve skills that will assist in seeking employment and assist with credit transfer to further education and training
  • Make contacts with employers
  • Get assistance with career planning