Lynwood SHS identified sustainability as a core focus area for the school a few years ago. The passion for our environment is shared by many staff members and is of growing interest for young people. As a result the Environment and Life Sciences program was developed to incorporate sustainability across the four core learning areas of English, Maths, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences.

This program is unique to Lynwood Senior High School and students’ selected into the program are provided with a range of exciting opportunities to enrich their education and engage them with the environment. Students need to be academically strong across the four learning areas and be interested in a practical and cross-curricular approach to learning.

The program aims to

  • enrich the students learning by providing academically challenging and innovative learning experiences with a focus on the environment
  • provide students with the skills and knowledge to enable them to make informed decisions and to play an active role in society, and in particular the future of the environment
  • develop students leadership skills
  • develop independent and collaborative learning skills
  • encourage students to be critical and creative thinkers
  • promote the importance of education for sustainability and sustainable practices
  • maximise the potential of each student

Each learning area covers the mandated Australian Curriculum and in addition provides extension activities to challenge students whilst maintaining academic rigour. Classes run in lower school and students in the program remain as a discrete group for the four core learning areas – Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students in the program are taught by experienced, enthusiastic teachers who have a high level of competence in their particular field.  Teachers across the learning areas work collaboratively to make links between the course content and sustainability.

A range of activities are incorporated within the curriculum including practical activities, excursions, incursions, leadership skills, field work and complex problem solving.   Students are also encouraged to enter a variety of competitions. In addition to this students engage in experts from a range of environmental areas and the school works closely with local environmental organisations.

Selection to the program

Testing occurs four times throughout the year and is open to all students statewide. Students will be tested in Year 6 initially, however, students from other year groups can apply for testing and placement into the program. The endorsement of the program by the Department of Education enables the school to select student from outside our local intake area.

There are three parts to the written test:

  1. Multiple choice aptitude test
  2. Written section
  3. Reading section

Based on students achievement in the written test they may be asked to attend an interview.

Selection into the program is based on

  • a standardised aptitude test
  • results from the writing and reading test
  • primary school performance and teacher recommendation
  • NAPLAN data
  • Interview performance (in some cases)

Offer of placement
Students who achieve

  • outstanding results in all areas above will be offered a place
  • high results in many areas listed above will be placed on a reserve list and offered a place if positions are still available at the completion of testing
  • results that do not meet expectations will be informed that they have not been successful in obtaining a place

Approximately 30 students are selected to enter in Year 7.  To ensure continued placement in the EaLS program students must

  • maintain high academic achievement
  • demonstrate exemplary behaviour
  • be enthusiasm and motivation learners

Students not in the program and demonstrate the necessary qualities may apply or enter via teacher recommendation if places are available. Please click on the link for the Specialist Program brochure.

All enquiries can be made to:

Mrs Jo Willesee
Head of Curriculum
Lynwood Senior High School
436 Metcalfe Rd
Parkwood WA.  6147
9354 0600