Lynwood Senior High School is a Local Intake school that also offer two Specialist Programs in Environment and Life Sciences and Soccer.

For Local Intake enrolments, the key requirements are:

Residence in the Local Intake Area

  • The school provides places for students whose families are residing within the boundaries of the Lynwood Senior High School local intake area at the time that the enrolment commences.  The boundaries are as determined by the Department of Education of Western Australia.  A map of this area is available below. Proof of residency within the Local Intake area is required.


  • A birth certificate/extract or passport must accompany the Application for Enrolment.


  • Please provide a copy of stuents immunisation record to have on file at the school.

Note: Overseas Students

  • Students who were born overseas must be naturalised Australians or hold an appropriate visa before enrolling at the school.  For overseas students who are in Australia using an entry visa it is necessary that the passport and visa of the parent – primary visa holder – and student are sighted.  These should be submitted at the time of the application.


Special Needs

Parents of students with special needs should inform the school to discuss these needs when lodging an Application for Enrolment to enable the school to arrange a program suited to the child’s needs. Staff continually monitor students’ progress.  Where there is cause for concern academically, emotionally and/or socially, reviews are conducted to identify the possible cause(s) and strategies/programs to address the area of need. Parents are asked to contact the appropriate Year Coordinator as soon as possible if they are aware of a problem with their child.  Early identification is always vital, particularly where students are diagnosed with a learning difficulty or disability.



Please contact our Enrolment Officer Sonia Nesa directly on 9354 0645 or emailing Sonia.Nesa@education.wa.edu.au

Checklist for Enrolment




The Principal will seek to cancel an enrolment if it was obtained by providing false or misleading information, or if written notice of a change in the place of residence has not been provided. Parents are also required to notify the School of any other changes to contact details, including the child’s Emergency Contact Name and Telephone Number.