Lynwood School Board

The role of the Lynwood School Board is to provide leadership and oversight to the overall direction of the school. It also provides clear support and advocacy of the school in our community.

Members of the Board participate in the development and review of the school’s priorities (through the Business Plan and its development), general policy directions and financial oversight. This financial oversight responsibility is necessary in the development of financial arrangements necessary to fund school objectives and priorities. The Board plays a role in the evaluation of the performance of the school in achieving its objectives.

In addition, the Board promotes the school in the community and also participates in formulating the school’s values, codes of conduct and the dress code for students.

In 2012 when Lynwood became an Independent Public School, the role of our School Council changed to a Board of Governance through increased participation and decision making.

Members of Board are from a diverse range of backgrounds. The current Board includes, parents, teachers, former students, government administrators, industry and community members. Each member brings a unique perspective to the Board and this reflects the views of the general population and in particular our local community.

The Chair of the School Board, Tanja Pope, is a long standing member of our school community and is the Board Chair of Bannister Creek Primary School a close partner of Lynwood. Tanja has had extensive experience as an Independent Public School Board Chair and has guided the inaugural Board on its journey into this exciting era.

Other members of the board have extensive experience as members of parliament, government statutory bodies, of other school councils and business ownership. All have one thing in common, the advancement of Lynwood in meeting its objective of being committed to the care and success of every student.


Board Meetings

The Board meets on a Monday at 1pm of weeks 3 and 9 of each term in the school’s conference room.

Meeting Minutes


2016 Membership

Office Bearers Staff Representatives Parent Representatives
Chairperson – Tanja Pope
Secretary – Janina Gunter
Business Manager – Christine Bone
Vice Chairperson – Bruce Henderson
Andrew Jack
Chris Vyse
Damien Snow
Vanessa Maverick
Tracy Carstairs
Ursula Alexander
Bruce Henderson
Catherine Geurds
Community Representatives
Bill Johnston MLA
Godfrey Lowe
Tanja Pope
Giles Nunis