Humanities and Social Sciences (HaSS)

Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) encompass the study of how human beings live and work together in different societies around our world, including subjects of History, Geography, Economics and Civics. These subjects are an important part of modern education, enabling students to develop into well-informed citizens who can make sense of our constantly changing world.

HASS subjects encourage students to think critically, develop arguments and communicate ideas effectively as they develop the ability to gather and process information – valuable skills for future studies and career pathways.

HaSS Years 7 – 10

From Years 7 to 10 students follow a sequence of units based upon the Western Australian curriculum. Students acquire a solid base of foundational knowledge across four subjects while developing the skills required to function as independent learners. Throughout the lower school courses, the development of students’ literacy and technology skills is a focus.

Students cover a wide range of topics from ancient, medieval and modern history including the industrial revolution, the two world wars and post-war international conflicts; environmental issues such as food and water security, urbanisation and sustainability; the process of our political and legal systems, the concept of human rights; the world of business and enterprise and Australia’s role in the global economy.

All classes reflect an overarching emphasis on the values that underpin Australia as a democratic, inclusive and multicultural society. At the same time students are encouraged to think for themselves and are taught how to support their own ideas with evidence and argument.

HaSS Year 11 – 12 ATAR courses

Three ATAR courses are offered for students who are seeking University entrance. To gain entry to an ATAR course students will usually need to achieve at least an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade in their Lower School HaSS course.

ATAR History

ATAR History includes topics from modern twentieth century world history including Nazi Germany, the inter-war period in the USA, post-war European history and Australia between 1918-1955. This course has a heavy emphasis on developing the critical thinking skills needed for source analysis and essay-writing.

ATAR Geography

ATAR Geography explores topics including the management of modern environmental hazards, economic and cultural global networks, climate change and biodiversity and the challenges of sustainable population growth and urbanisation. Students develop skills in mapping, fieldwork, data analysis and report-writing.

ATAR Economics

ATAR Economics focuses on the behaviour of markets, consumers and producers. Students use key economic indicators to analyse Australia’s economic performance, our changing role in the global economy and the role of government policies in shaping both. Students develop skills in comparative data and statistical analysis as well as report-writing.

HaSS Year 11 – 12 general courses

Two General Courses are offered to students who are aiming to achieve their WACE and entry to TAFE or further education. These courses overlap with our ATAR courses in the knowledge and skills covered.

General History

General History has grown in popularity and focuses on modern topics including movements for Rights and Freedoms, Japanese history, Nazi Germany and US capitalism. Students develop essay writing skills and the ability to recognise context in all historical sources and information.

General Geography

General Geography studies how different global environments are at risk, the natural and cultural characteristics of regions, management of environmental hazards and the development of global economic and cultural networks. Students develop skills in research, data analysis and report writing.

Certificate II in Tourism

The HaSS department offers a Certificate II in Tourism. Students will explore this expanding sector of our local economy, with a focus on how ethical and sustainable practices can be supported within the tourism industry. Several excursions are included.