The Intensive English Centre (IEC) is located within Lynwood Senior High School. The IEC caters for newly arrived students between the ages of 12 – 16 years from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds learning English as an additional language. There are approximately 50 nationalities and 30 languages/dialects represented within the IEC.

Students entering the IEC are assessed on arrival and placed into appropriate language classes. Class sizes between 12-16 students cater for individualised attention and explicit instruction accelerating Standard Australian English language acquisition.

Expert IEC language teachers deliver specialist learning programs engaging students at the highest possible level.

Additionally the IEC has the support of specialist Ethnic Education Assistants (EEA) which allows new students an opportunity to settle into the schooling system by bridging cultural and linguistic barriers. All EEA’s speak languages other than English, many communicating in several different languages and/or dialects.

Specifically designed courses of study enhance your child’s effective transition to mainstream education. The IEC assists students by developing a sound understanding of Standard Australian English language, Australian culture and lifestyle thus building confidence to succeed.

All IEC students have access to specialist subject areas and mainstream option classes in the areas of Society and Environment, Health and Physical Education, Visual Arts, Science, Information Technology and Library Studies. The IEC program at Lynwood SHS encourages early integration with the whole school staff and students resulting in a well rounded secondary education.