Vision Statement

Embracing Diversity, Celebrating Excellence, Together Creating Sustainable Futures

Our Moral Purpose

Lynwood Senior High School empowers students to make a positive difference in their own lives, and the lives of others.

Our focus on student well-being embodies our commitment to a values-rich, socially and culturally diverse community. Each child is nurtured to achieve their personal best and develop a social conscience through learning that is challenging, engaging and relevant.

We respond to students’ needs, interests and aspirations, nourishing their curiosity, developing values and skills which will empower them to navigate our rapidly changing world.

By connecting their learning to the community, whilst at school, through a focus on environment and sustainability, we are preparing students to act as responsible and capable global citizens.

The Lynwood school motto of “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow” reflects our high expectations of student engagement and achievement, the ongoing development of staff expertise, and the development of leadership capabilities across the school community.

School Values

Inclusivity, Empathy, Equity, Respect, Resilience, Creativity, Achieving our Personal Best

Staff at Lynwood Senior High School are proud to model these School Values, enabling students to learn from them and become positive, responsible, respectful and caring members of the school community.

Beliefs About Teaching and Learning

At Lynwood Senior High School We Believe

  • In every student and their ability to learn and achieve success
  • In learning as a reflective, life-long process
  • In celebrating personal excellence and fostering positive learning opportunities
  • In positive relationships between families, the school and community as the cornerstone of
    student success

We Believe that Students Learn Best

  • When they are valued by staff and treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • When we meet their individual needs in a safe and supportive learning environment
  • When their learning is meaningful, purposeful and effective, guided by high expectations
    and academic standards
  • When they are supported to set personal goals, make mistakes and overcome obstacles as
    part of the learning journey.