The Intensive English Centre (IEC) at Lynwood Senior High School caters for newly arrived students, aged 12 to 16 years, from language backgrounds other than English. Students enrolled in the IEC come from a range of countries speaking many diverse languages and dialects. This contributes to a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive environment.

Newly arrived students from a non-English speaking background should enrol and complete an IEC program prior to being enrolled in any public mainstream school in WA. Further eligibility criteria, in relation to visa type and sub class number, apply. Students can be enrolled for 12 months, or if the student is a humanitarian entrant, this can be extended to 24 months.

Standard Australian English (SAE)

The IEC specialises in teaching Standard Australian English (SAE) as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) to students who are eligible to enrol in public schools. The curriculum covered in the IEC ensures that students are well prepared to successfully participate in mainstream schooling.

Highly qualified staff, including teachers and Ethnic Education Assistants, support students to accelerate in English language acquisition whilst becoming familiar with the academic and social context of schools in Western Australia. The IEC delivers highly specialised, age appropriate and scaffolded programs in line with the Western Australian Curriculum, including all mandated learning area subjects. The IEC exercises a holistic approach that introduces students and their families to the Australian culture and builds confidence for ease of integration into mainstream schooling.

The IEC is a vital part of the Lynwood SHS community enabling students to participate in whole school activities such as sports carnivals, school assemblies and other educational incursions and excursions. All students are offered the opportunity to participate in mainstream electives such as Physical Education, Arts, Technology and Design, Home Economics and Library Studies.

Apply for Enrolment in the IEC

Contact Lynwood Senior High School on (08) 9354 0600 to make an appointment with the IEC Program Coordinator.

The following information is required at this appointment:

  • Date of arrival in Australia
  • Current address and contact details
  • Visa and subclass number
  • Vaccination record
  • Previous school records if available