Students at Lynwood Senior High School have the option to ‘bring their own device’ (BYOD) to school to support and enhance their learning.

We recognise the importance of creating confident, flexible, self-directed, lifelong learners.  Mobile technology devices, so prevalent in society, have increasingly become everyday teaching tools used by both teachers and students. BYOD has transformed the classroom by creating new opportunities for learning that ensures richer, more collaborative learning experiences. Upon arrival all students will be required to complete a digital induction which seeks to educate students on the school’s safe usage policy and digital footprints.

What do students do with the devices in class?

Students use their device in class when instructed by their teachers. It is not expected that computers will be used in all classes every day. Under the direction of their classroom teacher, students have access to online resources, or use the Department’s online learning platforms, Connect and Office 365. Lynwood uses these platforms to allow students and staff to collaborate in real time. BYOD also enables students to develop 21st century skills, which are essential to be successful in the future.

What type of computing devices should my child bring to school?

All teaching staff at Lynwood SHS are supplied with a Microsoft Surface Pro, running Windows 10. All classrooms are also fitted with a 70 inch+ TV screen which operates with a Microsoft wireless display adaptor. This adaptor allows all Windows devices to connect remotely to the TV for projection. For these reasons, we recommend that students use Windows devices. Using a Windows device will mean students and staff are more familiar with the shared platform and everyone can take advantage of the wireless display adaptors.

At a minimum a BYOD device must be able to:

  • Connect to enterprise wireless 5-GHz band
  • Word process
  • Be used effectively for Connect and Click-view.

What software is needed on my child’s computer?

  • Office 365 is available free online from the DET Portal. [Link to PDF student guide]
  • Virus protection software.

Purchasing Options

Lynwood SHS does not promote the purchasing of a device from any particular supplier and parents are advised to do their own research prior to purchase. Lynwood Senior High School does not receive any gain from providing the information below.

Winthrop Australia has provided parents and caregivers of students at Lynwood SHS an option of purchasing devices at a reduced price. Each of the devices listed is suitable for the learning activities that take place over the Lynwood SHS network. For peace of mind, there is an insurance option and an extended warranty guarantee. Delivery can be at the student’s home or picked up from the store.

To view the currently available and suitable products follow the link below:



Although Lynwood SHS employs technical support staff they will only be available to assist students in connecting to the wireless network. All other technical support is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to seek outside of the school during their own time. Lynwood SHS will not be responsible for managing warranty or any insurance claims.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact one of the staff listed below on 9354 0600.

Natalie Simms
Deputy Principal Senior School

Jonathan Stanley
Network Administrator