The Lynwood Senior High School Board aims to enhance the quality of the school’s education services and also to strengthen parent and community engagement in the school’s activities, with the best interests of our students always at its heart.

The School Board meets regularly, twice a term on a Monday 3.15pm-5pm. The Board AGM will be held Monday 23 May 2022, all parents/carers are welcome to attend.

Parents and community members are elected or co-opted as needed and according to the Board’s Terms of Reference.

The ‘School Board – Unincorporated Terms of Reference’ outlines the responsibilities of the School Board under the relevant School Education Act 1999 (WA) and related regulations.

Some of the School Board’s functions are to:

  • Establish and review the school’s objectives, priorities, general direction and associated policies
  • Plan and implement financial arrangements necessary for funding the school’s objectives and priorities
  • Evaluate the school’s performance
  • Formulate student codes of conduct
  • Approve charges or contributions
  • Determine in consultation with students, their parents and staff a student dress code
  • Promote the school and engagement within the community.

Further information, please contact:

Principal or School Board Chairperson
Geraldine Hardy or Dieter Tode
(08) 9354 0600