Chinese Mandarin

“If you can talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
Nelson Mandela

The growing need for Australians to learn a second language has been addressed in the National Curriculum. An additional language empowers and provides the ability to communicate with many people, therefore eroding barriers of communication. Bilingual or multilingual is increasingly recognised as an important skill for young people to live in an ever-changing global environment.

Lynwood Senior High School offers students the opportunity to study Chinese (Mandarin). Chinese (Mandarin) is taught both as a ‘second language’ course and as ‘advanced’ courses for students from Chinese-speaking backgrounds and/or who speak Chinese as their first language.  Currently Mandarin is a selective course for students from Year 7 to Year 10.  All students are encouraged to continue their language study in Year 11 and 12 as there is also a 10% bonus awarded to a student’s final ATAR score if they study an ATAR Language through to Year 12.

Across the curriculum students learn about culture and custom, about communicating successfully in other contexts and about being able to deal with global challenges of the future. Students are engaged via a wide range of learning activities designed to stimulate and encourage study. Incorporated into the language courses are excursions to authentic restaurants and culture-practicing localities, cooking lessons and culinary workshops, foreign film festivals, language games, native speakers, art and craft presentations, IT access, incursions, competitions and online tutorials.

Competitions and prizes

The following opportunities are available to students who study Chinese at Lynwood Senior High School.  Teachers provide application and participation details each year.

  • National Chinese Speaking Competition, Hanyuquiao for students of Chinese
  • CLTAWA Chinese Writing and Speaking Competition for students of Chinese
  • MLTAWA language competition.

Extra Curricular Activities

Each year students learning Chinese are involved in various in- and out-of-school activities. These activities enhance language learning and provide students with an increased awareness of the intercultural aspects of language learning.  Typically, these activities include:

  • visits to Chinese restaurants and shops to practise Mandarin
  • visits to cinemas to watch films in Mandarin
  • culture incursion from Confucius Institute
  • community involvement:  excursion to Stockland Shopping centre on Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
  • teachers collaborate with colleagues in other schools to arrange language specific cultural and linguistic extension activities.

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