Lynwood Senior High School is involved with several different School Volunteer Programs, all of which provide the very valuable resources of volunteer mentors or tutors who can support our students on a one-on-one basis or give general class or Homework Club support.

Volunteers come into the school to work with our students from many organisations including EdConnect, the ASPIRE program (through the University of WA) and Mercy Connect, which works specifically with students from a refugee background.

Volunteers and mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are retirees, including former teachers, parents and grandparents of present and past students, others are ex-students themselves, including university graduates or undergraduates.

Some volunteers meet regularly with students to help with class work, such as reading, writing and maths. Others help in the classroom or are involved in special projects, such as the Aquaponics-Mentoring program.

There’s always a job that a volunteer can do in the school community!

Further Information:

If you are interested in general volunteering please check this website or contact the Learning Support Coordinator (08) 9354 0600