Lynwood Senior High School provides students in years 7 to 10 with a dynamic and engaging academic extension program. A selective entry program, this accelerated academic pathway enriches the learning experience of students, enabling many of them to achieve excellent results in WACE and to gain university entrance at the end of Year 12.

Program Overview

The Environment and Life Sciences (‘EaLS’) program is approved by the Department of Education and is exclusive to Lynwood Senior High School.

The program provides students with a cross-curricular approach to studying the environment – exploring the actions we can take to minimise our impact upon the planet and developing understanding about the ecological footprint we leave.

Students in the EaLS program form a discrete class for the four core areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences. Students are accelerated in all core areas of the curriculum.

The curriculum covers a range of environmental issues, challenging students to think and preparing them for a dynamic future. Students undertake extracurricular opportunities such as competitions, fieldwork, development of leadership skills, sustainability through STEM, debating and excursions through our strong partnerships with the University of Western Australia, Curtin University and other organisations. The program addresses the Western Australian Curriculum and prepares students for the academic rigour of Senior School.

Over the past three years all ATAR Dux students were EaLS graduates, demonstrating the skills EaLS graduates are equipped with during the program. Four out of the six past School Captains, chosen by Lynwood Senior High staff and students were EaLS graduates, demonstrating the leadership qualities students gain during the program.

All 2019 students who received 95 or above in their ATAR results were EaLS graduates.

Selection Process

The application and medical information forms below must be completed and returned to Lynwood Senior High School in order for your child to be considered for either of our Specialist Programs.

Once we have received these forms you will be sent a Letter of Invitation with the trial or testing information and date. Students cannot trial for Soccer or test for EaLS without first receiving a Letter of Invitation. Please ensure you submit the completed forms in advance as we need time to process the paper work before we can send you a Letter of Invitation.

Specialist testing and trials are required to gain entry to these programs. The trials and tests are held at Lynwood Senior High School and the scheduled dates for these tests are listed below. The Letter of Invitation will outline times of testing and materials or equipment your child needs to bring on the day.

Students wishing to be considered for entry to this specialist EaLS program must

  • Complete an application form;
  • Complete a standardised aptitude test;
  • Complete an English test comprising of reading, comprehension and a writing task;
  • Be interviewed (in some cases)

The school will also review a student’s primary school academic performance including NAPLAN data.

The following two forms are required to be submitted and signed by a parent/guardian.


EaLS Student medical information for Application Form 2022

EaLS Testing Dates 2022 – Students are invited to sit a test on one of the following dates:

Term One – Thursday March 24, Week 8

Term Two – Thursday May 26, Week 5

Term Three –  Thursday August 4, Week 3 and Thursday September 15, Week 9

Term Four – Thursday October 20, Week 2