Lynwood Senior High School aims to establish an inclusive environment where Aboriginal students are academically successful, have a high level of attendance and enjoy engaging in an effective and culturally appropriate teaching and learning program.

Involving parents and family members in the student’s learning program is an important factor in student success and Lynwood SHS is committed to this strategy, engaging parents in monitoring their child’s progress and wherever possible, involving families in the life of the school.

We aim to:

  • Help our Aboriginal students access quality teaching and learning. This includes the implementation of Individual Educational Plans which are tailored to suit every student’s educational needs.
  • Provide students with a mentor to support them and address any areas of concern.
  • Assist students to improve their regular attendance.
  • Build student confidence to access supportive school leadership.
  • Develop strong relationships with parents to ensure complete support of our Aboriginal students and positive Social and Emotional Learning.
  • Monitor students’ progress and attendance at regular intervals, involving students in the process.
  • Enhance cultural awareness and understanding within the school via curriculum and extra-curriculum activities to help our Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students develop a sense of pride and respect for culture.

Moorditj Waangkiny Committee

Lynwood Senior High School has established an Aboriginal education committee called Moorditj Wangkiny. This means ‘good/solid talk’.

The purpose of the committee is to develop a focused approach to supporting Aboriginal students’ engagement at school by assisting them to improve their attendance and achieve academic success, enabling them to reach their full potential.

As part of this committee, each Aboriginal student is assigned a mentor from the committee. The mentor meets their student a few times a term to discuss their progress, set goals, listen to students concerns, or generally just offer support in a friendly manner to help guide the student to success.

The Moorditj Waangkiny (Good/Solid Talk) Committee works hand in hand with the student committee, Birdiya Koorlanga (Boss children or young leaders), an enthusiastic committee established in 2019.


Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

AIME builds mentoring bridges between universities and high schools, in order to end a cycle of disadvantage and permanently change mind-sets. AIME provides resources and activities for students from Year 7-12; free academic tutoring; visits and activities at a university campus and one-on-one career transition support for Year 12 Aboriginal students. The program is embedded in curriculum and is very structured with a focus on building students strengths.

Follow the Dream

The ‘Follow the Dream’ Program at Lynwood SHS identifies Aboriginal students who are showing signs of success and assists them to stay at secondary school and work towards a university entrance.

Ngalark Karlup Garden

Lynwood SHS is actively engaged with the Department of Education’s Cultural Standards Framework to improve our teaching practices and be more culturally responsive to our local Aboriginal Community. Initiatives include the school’s creation of an Aboriginal garden in 2017, which officially opened in 2018 naming the garden – Ngalark Karlup – which means ‘Our Fireplace/Fireplace of ours’.
Planted with native species and with a beautiful fire-pit the garden is located where people can come together to enjoy nature at its finest whilst engaging in community fellowship.

Aboriginal Awards Night

The annual Aboriginal Awards Night is held on the last Wednesday of the school year at the local cricket/football club. Now in its 15th year, the night is a celebration of students’ successes throughout the year. It recognises the hard work and commitment in all year groups over 12 award categories. This celebration acknowledges the strong relationships between staff, students and families, which reflects positively on the school and wider community. It has been greatly accepted by all involved and is a keenly anticipated end of year event.