School Partnerships

Lynwood Senior High School has developed a range of partnerships with business, industry, education providers and community organisations to support students’ learning.

Partnerships for students include but are not limited to:

  • UWA Aspire
  • Australian Business Community Network
  • Aspirations
  • Focus and Focus 2
  • Everyday Leader

Aspire UWA

Lynwood Senior High School works in close partnership with the University of Western Australia and the Aspire program to raise aspirations for tertiary education for all students. Through this partnership, students have the opportunity to attend incursions and excursions with a strong Western Australian curriculum focus, as well as develop leadership skills through the UWA Aspire Advocate program.

The Aspire UWA team delivers a program that engages and inspires students to consider university. The program specifically aims to support and encourage:

  • Students from low socio-economic backgrounds
  • Indigenous students
  • Students from culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Students who would be the first in their family to attend university.
The Next Step Year 12

(1 hour)

Encompassing three parts, this activity enables students to connect their career goals with university courses, gain a greater understanding of the TISC and offer process, and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and pathways of real life university students. This activity can be adapted for ATAR and non-ATAR students.
Fairway Program Info Sessions Year 11

(15 mins)

Fairway UWA is an alternative entry pathway and comprehensive support program for students completing Year 12 ATAR under challenging circumstances (such as financial hardship, excessive family responsibilities, disabilities, unsupportive study environment). Students apply for the program in Year 11. This session can be held for interested students during recess, lunch, or after school on a scheduled visit.
WACE Revision

Perth WACE

  • Saturday 11 May 2019
  • Saturday 7 Sept 2019
  • Saturday 21 Sept 2019


Year 12 Year 12 WACE Revision Seminars (Student Scholarships) are offered for a limited number of Year 12 students to assist with their learning and prepare for exams- subjects TBC
Aspire Ambassadors post UWA students can volunteer at Lynwood SHS, e.g. Homework Club. Some of our ex-students who now study at UWA have completed this.
Broadway Direct Pathways

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Podiatric Medicine
Year 12 Year 12 students intending to pursue a career in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy or Podiatric Medicine are supported by UWA staff as part of the Broadway Program with the aim to increase the number of students from low-socio economic schools.

Australian Business Community Network

This partnership provides a range of programs to our Year 7 and Year 10 students. It aims to improve the opportunities and outcomes for students by raising aspirations and increasing their awareness of the personal, educational and vocational choices available. This is achieved through structured programs and mentoring by business professionals in a corporate environment, which also provide students with an insight into the modern workplace and access to business networks.


Aspirations is a mentoring program for Year 11 students which aims to broaden their awareness of career options and help them make informed decisions about their choices and pathways beyond school. Working in small groups, it provides students with an understanding of the skills required in a modern work environment including interview techniques and developing essential employability skills, while also exploring post-school options.

Each year 20 Lynwood SHS Year 11 students have the opportunity to complete this program.

Focus and Focus2

The Focus and Focus2 programs provide young women from high-needs schools with the essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career. Female executive role models mentor the students in small groups to develop their skills and build their confidence, encouraging them to aspire to senior roles in business and the community. Participants may already hold leadership positions or are about to take up leadership positions in their schools.


Our partnership with YMCA provides opportunities for students from Years 7–10 to grow and develop their resiliency skills and social-emotional learning as part of the Youth Mentoring program.

Selected students spend one hour per week working with a youth mentor and are invited to attend extra curriculum activities and camps.

Our school is a proud member of the Happy School program

How It Works

We value our staff and believe that the work we do is important. Staff morale and well-being have a HUGE impact on student achievement, relationships within our school and the successful implementation of change. High stress levels have a negative impact and increase staff absence. A happier staff leads to better results!

As members of the Happy School program each week we receive a ready-to-use one page article to share with staff. The articles provide professional development and practical strategies to improve staff well-being, reduce stress, cope better with change, work effectively with others and engage our students. The articles are written by experts, especially for staff in schools.

The articles provide staff with…

  • strategies to improve well-being and reduce stress
  • skills to better use their time
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • work better with others; and
  • improve their work-life balance.

Over 600 schools across Australia, New Zealand and internationally are members of the Happy School program.