I welcome all parents and students to Lynwood Senior High School; a proud and successful public school, honoured to be recognised as one of Western Australia’s best.

Lynwood SHS is a learning environment which encourages students to follow their dreams and achieve their personal best, whilst developing the solid skills that will help them to become confident, resilient and compassionate adults, prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow.

I am delighted that the outstanding educational ecosystem created, and continuing to develop, at Lynwood has been recognised in the Western Australian Education Awards. Lynwood SHS was the Secondary School of the Year in 2018 and also a finalist in 2015.


Sharing the educational journey together

We are more than accolades and league tables. When students and teachers join our school they become part of a multi-cultural, safe, caring, friendly and innovative community. We pride ourselves on valuing the individual and making the educational journey a happy and healthy one for everyone involved.

Developing a student’s self-belief

Our ‘Everyday Leader Program’ of mentoring and learning develops a student’s empowering, unshakeable self-belief about their own worth and value. Students are supported to find personal success through learning to acquire the appropriate skills to pursue their unique path beyond school.

Respecting difference

With over sixty student nationalities and a multicultural staff, Lynwood’s social and cultural diversity has enriched the school community enormously and driven a deep understanding, acceptance and respect for difference. The Intensive English Centre (IEC) supports the development of language skills, central to the successful integration of children new to Australia and of their families into new communities.

Our core values

Lynwood’s core values of Inclusivity, Empathy, Equity, Respect, Resilience, Creativity, Achieving our Personal Best and the building of relationships based on Fairness and Inclusivity are keys to the effectiveness of our learning environment. Students embrace diversity at Lynwood, care for others and are involved with their community through a range of school programs. An embedded whole-school focus on Sustainability also helps students to build a deep understanding of how they can contribute to the health of the planet by acting locally and thinking globally.

In partnership with families and our wider community

Lynwood SHS is passionate about empowering each child to reach their potential, enabling success in areas that they are truly inspired by, whilst sharing a common goal of creating a socially and environmentally sustainable future. By working in partnership with parents and community members we are well supported to pursue this goal.

I look forward to meeting you.

Geraldine Hardy