Attendance & Pastoral Care

Students are expected to attend school on a regular basis so they can achieve success. We monitor attendance closely with monthly reviews.

  • 90-100% – regular attendance
  • 80-89% – indicated at risk
  • 60-79% – moderate risk
  • 0-59% – severe risk

For any students who do not attend school on a regular basis (90%+) and/or students who have a lot of unexplained absences – we follow up and support them.

A range of letters will be mailed home for any student who has less than 85% attendance. If there are ongoing issues or concerns, a case conference will be convened to develop strategies to support and/or re-engage in school.

Positive Relationships

We focus on building positive relationships with students and encourage students to exhibit and earn Advanced Good Standing through positive attitude, behaviour and effort at all times.

Students are required to maintain Good Standing to participate in special school events, such as:

  • Athletics Carnival
  • Swimming Carnival
  • incentive excursions/incursions
  • Year 10 River Cruise
  • Year 11 Dinner Dance
  • Year 12 Ball
  • Year 12 Breakfast
  • Year 12 Final Assembly
  • Year 12 Presentation Evening
  • and other special privileges such as Flexi.

If students lose their Good Standing, they need to restore it by learning from their mistakes and receiving positive feedback through daily reports and/or community service or as negotiated.

We plan and implement various strategies, programs and events throughout the year to promote, enhance and support the development of our students as they progress through Year 7 to 12. This is part of building a positive school culture where all students can thrive and achieve success as well as having leadership opportunities.

Existing programs include:

  • Act Belong Commit
  • Australian Business Community Network programs
  • “Be-You” Secondary program – with a focus upon mental health and wellbeing
  • Breakfast Club
  • Building Independent Skills
  • CHAT – Changing Health Acting Together
  • Clubs – Chess, Lego, Anime, Drama, Dance, STEM, Gaming, Weights
  • Committees – Social, Fashion Parade, Leaver’s Jacket, School Ball
  • Essential Skills in Year 11 & 12
  • Everyday Leader Program
  • Fairway UWA
  • Free Dress Days – raising funds to support others
  • Harmony Week
  • Homework Club
  • Horticulture/Aquaponics
  • National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week
  • National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
  • OLNA Support
  • RUOK Day
  • Teams – Debating, Sporting, Flag
  • School Bands – Lower and Senior
  • School Volunteers
  • Student Council
  • Sustainability focus/groups – worm farm, recycling, climate, among others.
  • TAG Activities and Programs
  • Teen Mental Health Program
  • UWA Aspire Program
  • UWA Broadway Program
  • Various guest speakers
  • Various camps, incursions, excursions
  • Year 7 Thrive Excursion (Everyday Leader Program)
  • Year 12 Shark Tank projects (Everyday Leader Program).