Digital Technologies 7-10

The focus of learning is on developing students understanding and skills in computational thinking, such as de-constructing problems and engaging students with a range of information systems as they broaden their experiences and involvement in national, regional and global activities. Students explore the properties of networked systems. They acquire data from a range of digital systems and use the data to model objects and events. Students plan and manage their projects with some autonomy as they exchange ideas, tasks, files and feedback. Students develop an understanding of their digital footprint and how to manage this taking into consideration safety, social contexts, cultural practices and legal obligations. The study of Digital Technologies in Year 7/8 are semester long and are compulsory for students in Year 7 and 8.

Digital Technologies 7-8

Students investigate the properties of networked systems and their suitability and use for the transmission of data types. of networks included wired and mobile networks. They learn how to acquire, visualize and evaluate data from a range of sources and how to make ethical decisions that shape the development of communities based on the representation and interpretation of this data. They develop an understanding of how binary is used to represent data in a digital system. There is a strong project focus which allows students to interact with a variety of software to develop their design, project management skills, as they implement and modify solutions including artificial intelligence interfaces within a programming environment

Digital Technologies 9-10

We live in Technological world where progress is very much dependent on the ever increasing sophistication of the devices driven by complex algorithms designed to make access to information, products and services easier. Digital Technologies courses in Year 9- 10 are designed to appeal to analytical as well as creative individuals who would like to move from just users of technology to creators of technological solutions.

Courses offered:

  • Year 9/10 – Creative Digital Design
  • Year 9/10 – Code Breakers