The Arts – Drama

“We all must do theatre to find out who we are, and to discover who we could be.”

Augusto Boal

The exciting, and newly developing, Drama Program at Lynwood Senior High School provides students with the opportunity to develop their confidence, communication and cooperation skills, while developing positive relationships with their peers.

Through collaborative performance tasks, students have the opportunity to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, alongside their understanding of history and culture.

Years 7-8

Year 7 and 8 students are exposed to fun and dynamic developmental activities when they first arrive in Drama. This empowers them to create positive relationships with peers, and express themselves as young individuals.

Throughout these two years, students explore a variety of styles and forms of Theatre, including Aboriginal Drama, Improvisation, Realism and Devised Theatre. While the focus of these lessons are practical performance and group work, students are also given opportunities to critically reflect on their own performance and develop a theoretical understanding of core concepts.

Using theatrical lighting and sound equipment, students are granted a variety of learning experiences that broadens their understanding of Theatre.

Years 9-10

Once given the opportunity to choose Drama as an elective in Years 9-10, students are exposed to more forms of dramatic art, including Melodrama, Realism, as well as appreciating and analysing world renowned dramatic theorists, such as Constantin Stanislavski.

During these years, students can trial a variety of design roles within the theatre, aside from performance, such as lighting, sound and costume. Over Years 9 and 10, students begin to develop critical analysis skills, applicable in a range of senior school courses.

Drama Club

Outside class time, the school offers extra-curricular Drama. During this time, students have the chance to express themselves, opting to participate in a variety of plays and projects, with many opportunities to perform in front of live audiences.

Interested students can also become involved in non-performance roles, such as lighting, sound and costume design. Our Drama Club teaches students valuable life lessons, such as responsibility and time management and gives students an outlet to direct their passion.

Every student is encouraged to participate in all activities during each lesson, work with a variety of peers and form skills that apply in many different contexts that stay with them for life.