Our exciting Music Program equips students with the opportunity to develop a love for music, through the development of their capabilities and skills, while providing a safe and supportive environment where they can freely express themselves and grow in self-confidence.

Classroom Music Years 7-9

Classroom Music at Lynwood SHS encompasses Years 7 to 9, where students have the opportunity to learn theoretical and practical frameworks for performing and understanding music.

Throughout the years, students have the opportunity to study a range of topics including:

World Music, the origin of Western Contemporary Music (including Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Electronica, etc.), various Folk Music styles and a background in Western Art Music.

Students engage in keyboard studies throughout the year to reinforce the theory studied, and participate in two class music lessons per week to develop practical skills and music literacy.

Performances, compositions/arrangements, aural perception and music analysis and investigation are integral to the program.

Music Years 10-12

Year 10 students have the opportunity to achieve a Certificate II in Music Industry and in Year 11 and 12, students complete a two-year course of study to achieve their Certificate III in Music Industry. These Certificate courses equip students with the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the Music Industry, as well as training them with the knowledge of the employment opportunities in this sector.

Instrumental Music

We have instrumental teachers from IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services) who provide weekly instrumental lessons to Music students in:

  • Guitar (both Contemporary and Classical)
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Brass
  • Percussion

School Bands

Students at Lynwood SHS have the opportunity to participate in three contemporary bands (Junior, Intermediate and Senior), as well as a jazz ensemble and a guitar ensemble. These ensembles perform at events held in the local community, as well as school assemblies, lunch time concerts and the annual Arts Showcase held in Term 3 each year.