Design and Technology 7-10

Design and Technology is a unique learning area that offers students the opportunity to explore their creative instincts, and develop a broad range of real-life skills that they can transfer to life beyond school. Learning in every year level follows a rigorous scope and sequence where skills and concepts are explicitly taught. Students use Design Thinking in every year level to create unique products and solutions as they respond to project-based challenges using both traditional and contemporary technologies.

Introduction to Design and Technology Year 7/8

The introduction to Design and Technology course in Year 7/8 is as the names suggests an introductory course that covers both contexts of materials and engineering. Students complete a comprehensive design folio focussing on the application of elements and principles of design to produce a functional timber artefact. They are explicitly taught the skills relating to working with a variety of materials including timber, plastics and metal before they begin the design-based challenges in both materials and engineering contexts.

Design and Technology 9/10

The study of Design and Technology in Years 9/10 are optional and are run over the duration of a semester. Learning in Design and Technology builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in Years 7 and 8. Students will have the opportunity to choose from the courses below. The courses offered have been selected based on senior school courses offered to allow students the opportunity to develop their skills to the required entry level.

Courses offered:

  • Year 9 /10 Creative and functional Woodwork
  • Year 9/10 Creative and functional Metal work
  • Year 9/10 Design and Technology
  • Year 9/10 Digital Photography
  • Year 9/10 Technical Graphics
  • Food and Textiles Technology 7-10

Food and Textiles are everyday necessities that we often take for granted. Both industries have evolved dramatically over the years with vast advancements made in materials, skills, techniques and associated technology. The study of food technology provides students with an understanding of food properties, preparation and nutrition to make informed choices in regards to food. The study of textiles provides students with opportunities to not only understand the properties of traditional materials and associated skills and techniques but also opportunities to investigate sustainable alternatives and contemporary skills and techniques.

Food Technology 7/8

The Year 7 and 8 Food Technology course is compulsory for all students. Students learn the basics of food preparation by understanding physical properties of food. They explore the importance of nutrition by examining the Healthy Eating Pyramid and its food groups. This subject will expose students to a variety of equipment and allow them to make creative food choices to solve food problems. Students will also investigate different methods of cooking and learn simple knife skills.

Food and Textiles Technology 9/10

The study of Food and Textiles Technology in Year 9/10 covers valuable life skills. Students have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively to plan and prepare a range of foods taking into consideration not only their sensory properties but also their nutrient value. The study of Food Technology is not only a valuable life skill, but has the potential to develop creativity and enterprise skills that they could easily transfer to their homes or life beyond school. These courses are run over the course of a semester.

Courses offered:

  • Year 9 Food Science Technology
  • Year 9 International Food
  • Year 9 Sewing for Teens
  • Year 10 Café Food
  • Year 10 Good General
  • Year 10 Body Shop